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Stone Amber Bollo

Stone Amber Bollo

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These glass stone effects are created with glass crushed to varying sizes. Each stone look is made with a different recipe of colors and sizes of glass. The mix is fired to create a small sheet of glass, which is then cut, shaped, and fired again.

➡️ SIZING NOTE: Default cord length is 38", but if your bolo-wearer is taller than 6'/2m, you might consider 40-42" cord. For customization, make a note at checkout.

Glass: ~1.2-1.3" wide x 1.3-1.7" tall (handmade variation)
Tips: Sterling silver: classic (last image, left) or modern (last image, right)
Cord: 38” natural tan leather or tan cork (vegan) 

Every Katie Kismet piece is handmade, so expect that yours may differ slightly from the photo.

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